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How to treat hungarian fans in Poland?

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Translation for Hungarian fans of an extensive survey , which appeared in the January edition of "To my kibice." Have a nice read!

How to treat hungarian fans in Poland?
"Hungarian and Pole are two nephews" an old saying that for several years fans community in both countries put into action. Big sympathy is noticeable on both sides, and in a dozen or so cases it has turned into the agreement of Polish and Hungarian teams. Should Hungarian football hooligans be therefore attacked in Poland by other Polish teams? It is known that the fan movement in Poland is concentrated much more than in Hungary on hooliganism, no one should feel comfortable here at the match and on the road. However, fans in Hungary have sympathy for all Poles, not only those with whom they have their agreements. And they do not think about any attacks on Poles. How, then, treat them here in Poland? And how to treat their flags?

Fan of Legia Warszawa: Is the Polish kibol supposed to beat Hungarian football fan? Sure, he has to pour vodka in his throat**! It will be unusually, I realize that my optics will be in the minority, but I will say that: I think that our internal games in the colors of scarves or the names of cities in which we were born should be, and they must be, an absolutely secondary matter when national affairs are at stake. And a multifaceted and multifaceted alliance, friendship, sympathy, understanding between the Polska and Hungary is such a national matter. And it is a unique, because well-known and respected by all social and political groups of both nations. Raising a polish hand to Magyar in the name of the fact that he is going to a football match of another football team is therefore absurd and shame. Especially for our environment, which is positioned as those caring for historical heritage, for multigenerational traditions or for international bonds of our nation. I am glad that the Polish - Hungarian theme is getting wider and wider, not only in our subculture, but also on the political, cultural, educational or general social level. And starting from this assumption, I think that every Magyar should be treated by us first as a nephew and only then as a fan of another club.


Verb „lać” in polish has two different meanings – one is the same like english „to beat”, and other is „to pour”. So you can say „lać kogoś w morde” (beat someone in the muzzle”) and „lać komuś wódkę do gęby” (pour some vodka into someone’s mouth). Of course the second meaning is actual for polish - hungarian relationship :))))


The result of the approximation of both nations is e the number of so-called agreements between Polish and Hungarian teams (I have specifically added "so-called", because the term "fan's agreement" has devalued and today more serves as a pad for the production and sale of (!) gadgets, rather than actually defining the relationship between supperters) Here, moreover, a small digression, which will end my argument. Iguess I will not make a mistake by saying that the first polish relationship with Hungarians is Legia - Ujpest . I was the initiator of this contact, so I can vouch for a calendar of events (although the memory is not that good as in the past ...). Ujpest has camed to Warsaw since 2004, in 20 and 2007 they were invited to supporterstournaments organized by Legia, which additionally opened up mutual relations. To this day, visits and return visits are regular (though not formalized), headed by individuals already listing 100 trips to a friend club. It was the contacts of Legia and Ujpest that were a contribution to the later Ujpest - Pogoń, Ujpest - Świt, or in the narrower range of Ujpest - Bielsko.

B. (Raków Częstochowa): In Hungary there is a rule that Hungarian hool does not attack Poles, even if they have agreement with other Hungarian teams. The case looks different, when Poles are together with their Hungarian compatriots, at least - in theory - they are treated as members of a given Hungarian team. The same situtaion, when Hungarians are going to Poland. They do not think for themselves to look for an enemy, but when they are together with their Polish friends, they take over Polish customs. Hungarians must understand that international sympathy is one thing, and inter-club friendships are the other.

When the Hungarian National Team in any discipline will play in Poland, the tightening of bonds with the nephews will be very natural. However, the league is something completely different. By choosing a particular club in Poland as thier friends, Hungarians in the same moment take over other crews as an enemies. It is natural for us to hunt for the consent of our enemies. Hungarians must adapt to the realities prevailing in Poland, although it should not be a priority searching for the Hungarians themselves. However, from Poland to Hungary fans love to ride because there is more slack than in our country, and in turn Hungarians for matches to Poland like to come, because it's more than certain that something will hapen.

Anonymous fan from Mazowsze: To be honest, I have not answered such a difficult question for a long time ... So far, I remember two actions with the participation of Polish and Hungarian teams. The first of them took place in Budapest, where Ujpest accompanied by Pogon went to prepare choreo for the derby match with Ferencvaros (Szczecinians were also eager for the fight during the same match), and the second in Poland, when during the trip to Poznan, fans of Videoton met on the packed ground with the Ruch team. In the first case, "Fradi" in their report from the mathc condemned the behavior of the rival from between, who in their opinion unnecessarily engaged Poles regarded as brothers of Poles in internal Hungarian affairs, while in the second case "Vidi" accepted the specifics of Polish realities. But what to do when the Polish team will travel on their trip together with the Hungarians and will come to an unprecedented confrontation? In the event of a spontaneous attack, no one will check passports, only go straight to the point ... Otherwise, however, the topic should be forgotten - if the Hungarian teams in matters, including the grand-national, are able to overcome any club animosities (I experienced it during the two trips of Hungarians to Romania) why should we not behave similarly to the "higher value" which in my opinion is Polish-Hungarian friendship?

J. (Pogoń Lębork): The issue of time is the Polish club animosities will hit directly or backfire in Polish-Hungarian friendship. Entering Polish and Hungarian teams in agreement schemes or arrangements is the acceptance of the rules in the fan's world, in the radicalized polish version. Acceptance equals war. Our Hungarian brothers, accepting club friendship offers, showed imprudence, which gave birth to automatic reluctance of other fans. The polish-polish war, as well as what is not excluded hungarian-hungarian war in our territory is a mater oftime. Harsh situations may make everyone think about it and maybe then we will figure something out. You do not need to have a great imagination to predict what will happen when two hostile Polish teams meet on "friendly Hungarian soil". How will the hosts behave then?

The Poles haave always had enemies. Friendship gestures from the south of Europe are nice, but they are embarrassing. It is worth to acknowledge that the friendship of two nations is a greater good than the prevailing benefit of supprters agreements? That hanging a club flag from Hungary on a derby match is an unnecessary provocation that overcomes fraternal ties? The ball is on the side of our brothers from the Danube. They have more to lose than we have to gain ...

Tifosifoto (TMK photoreporter): I think that the question can then be easily extended to all international approvals. Because what has any saying (I mean "Polak Węgier..") to the fact that the Destroyers from Widzew doesnt have agreement with hungarian team, but with the Russians? For many Poles, russians are enemies, for DHW ... they are friends. Their thing, their case. What about teams associated with german groups?Life has taught me that a lot of rules from the fan world is just an empty slogan. There are no rules. What is the slogan "Pole Hungarian two nephews". It does not refer to the fan movement at all. Historical background is something different from our world of fans. International contacts and agreements should be treated the same as local agreements in our country. Did Torcida save BATE when they met with Piast in Gliwice? There was no mercy. Completely unimaginable for me is if there is an attack on the polish team with hungarian friends - then it has to come to some selection, counts, who to beat, and who to save? Let's be serious. Nobody treats our style of live lightly if he is actively involved in it.

Anonymous fan from the Podkarpacie region: The fan scene in Hungary is so diametrically different from polish that it can be dared to say that they are two different worlds. Therefore, the matter is very difficult. Coming to Poland should keep in mind that having the agreement with one team, they are automatically the enemy of another who does not like the previously mentioned. I believe that with an unwanted "first touch" in Poland (whether intentional or accidental) Hungarians should show what they can do..

As for flags, all flags with national elements should not be the matter of attack. If everything was going too fast and there was no time to verify, flags should be returned later. Finally, I deliberately mentioned the "accidental" meeting with the Polish team, because I consider it not serious enough to deliberately arrange a fight with the Hungarian team.

ŁKS Łódź fan: It is difficult for me to answer these questions clearly. We do not have official contacts with any Hungarian team, although the slogan "Hungarian Pole two nephews" is not foreign. I think that from our side there is no pressure on any Hungarian team, and rather if we happened to meet somewhere, it wouldn't turn into a fight. Of course, assuming that they will be without their Polish friends. We know what kind of fans we have in Poland, so the Hungarians should be aware of this when coming to us. And probably they are aware of it, even if after the sayings of fans of the Videoton after their fight with Psychofans. Videoton hools did not have any claims. Despite the sincere sympathy of both nations, this is how it is. There is no need to make someone happy at all costs. The ground is for these meetings to be honorable.

Kibol from Sector: Friendship is friendship, but I come out of a very simple assumption - our country, our tribunes, our principles.

Let me start with a little controversy, in order to arouse more interest - that is, Silesians are Poles? I mean mainly the fans of the Ruch Chorzów, who together with their coalition members were able (at the match of our national team) to slightly overreacted and break the pact accepted among compatriots. Following this way of thinking, what is the difference in hitting your countrymen from national friends?

Another example is an unannounced visit on the route. Will someone, inviting crew to the fight, wonder if they are not traveling with their hungarian friends? Do not forget about the characters of Hungarians, who in my opinion would prefer to get in their teeth, standing side by side with their fellow countrymen, than to use their national immunity and hide the tail under the ass. And how many mistakes were there during the forest trysts, someone will soon tell me that the Hungarians will be traveling in vehicles with their HU registratins and so on. Well done Sherlock, but it does not have to be a rule ... and the character guys invited to dance can make a pretty good show of the hungarian waltz ... until we're convinced, we will not find out.

Friendship of nations is one thing, but individuality, which is often missing in our fan movement, is the second. Does every Pole and every team MUST accept Hungarians? Beautiful history, which connects oa countries and mutual positive relations is one thing, but there can always be someone who will not be along the way with it. As I mentioned, polish grandstands are not very varied. Everyone ison the right side, all suddenly became great patriots, it's a pity that some people have forgotten how they dressed orange jackets and worshiped a man who murdered millions of Poles and destroy our country.

As for the theme of the flags - hungarian flags are not the flags of Hungary. Yes, I know, it sounds weird, but I'm explaining. National flags, just like ours with the emblem, should never be the target of an attack. The same should apply to the Hungarians, who, directing their stadium friendships towards our country, knew exactly how everything looks like here in Poland.


Polish-hungarian friendship in the stands is not as long as it might seem. We still remember the matches of the national teams in 2003-2004, which looked completely different than today. The atmosphere in Chorzów was neutral - without hostility, but also without showing gestures of friendship. Everyone was passing by rather indifferently and without much interest. However, before the second match in Budapest, Ujpest was defeated by one of the coalitions of polish teams. Contacts between supporters from both countries were negligible, and in Poland there were almost no knowledge of the fan movement in Hungary.

Then, the first relations were established between the fans of Odra Opole and Sopron, Legia and Ujpest and the Bałtyk and Ferencvaros. The real breakthrough, however, took place in the present decade, and the increase of the tribune's involvement in patriotic matters or participation in nationalist demonstrations was undoubtedly an effect that helped with tighten the ties beetwen or nations. On this type of march there were more and more guests, both Poles in Budapest and Hungarians in Warsaw. Then there were an avalanche of choreography and banners commemorating the most important national holidays and other gestures of sympathy, which thanks to the spread of social media quickly circulated both countries.

As fans we often see the world "zero - one", we will evaluate others in the categories "enemy or friend". And since there is such a friendly atmosphere, supported by slogans, as in matches of friends teams, in addition, it's all well-established historically, then the matter seems obvious - SZTAMA!!** In addition, as it seems, the fascination of our southern brothers with the Polish hooligans scene, which shone on the European stage with the brightest light, also came to the fore. What a power and role model to follow! And here lies the buried dog. Polish hooligans, who can impress with its iron discipline and organization of the teams, attracted the Hungarian hooligans crew like a magnet.

There were mutual friends found on the Vistula and the Danube. But at the same time my enemy's friend (and my friend's enemy) became my enemy! This is obvious to us and this has been emphasized by almost all of the surveyed fans, and as you probably figured out, they were not random people. However, what is clear to us Poles, raised in a state of war between the fans, does not have to be of course for fans from Hungary, who do not hunt themselves to such an extent. Most of the hungarians fans declare their sympathy for our entire nation (including fans) and would prefer polish boys to stick to each other when Hungarians settle their affairs with each other. It is also a point of honor for them to beat their rivals without polish support. This is why it is harder for them to understand that here, in the north of the Carpathians, they can be a target for someone to hit.

Making the Hungarian brothers aware and clarifying the situation - this was the main goal of this survey. We are sure that it will go to Hungary and will attract interest there. To sum up - on the one hand we have friendship between nations and, on the other hand, fan support. One must be separated from the other, because these are the Polish realities. Respect for the national colors of both countries is our duty and no one is going to undermine it here. But what's next - it depends on the attitude of the teams that will meet on the route.

** sztama: polish word for "agreement beetwen groups of supporters"

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